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A tale about the incredible adventures of Wiplala and an ordinary Dutch family.

Wiplala is a little man. He is not a dwarf, he is a kind of wiplala. And call him the same - Wiplala.

Wiplala knows how to work wonders - it's something like witchcraft. After Wiplala reduces the Blom family, they all embark on an adventure. Will they ever return to their true size

Annie M. G. Schmidt is a Dutch writer, the first winner of the Dutch State Prize for Best Book for Children and Youth (1964). Her name is placed next to Tuve Jansson and Astrid Lindgren. In 1988 she became a laureate of the Gold Medal. G.K. Andersen, presented to her by Astrid Lindgren herself.

Author Annie M.G. Schmidt
Publisher Crocus Publishing
Illustrator Philip Hopman
Translator Serhii Sviatenko
Age 5+
Publication year 2021
Original book title Wiplala
Original language Dutch
Language Ukrainian
Illustrations Colored
Print length 112
Type of cover Hardcover
Type of paper Matt art paper
Dimensions (mm) 255 х 196
Weight (g) 500
ISBN 978-617-7989-09-6
Класна книжка. Нам дуже сподобалася! Цікаво читати, круті пригоди, та ще й якість - супер. Другу візьму на подарунок племінниці
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