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This is my life

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Sofia dreams of going to summer camp every year. She absolutely loves being there with the other kids, but it's not always easy.
However, this summer everything will be much better - Sofia turns fourteen, and now she will be among the elders. She
will treat everyone to a cake and give a speech. Sofia knows for sure
what will he say first...
This is my life.
He will say so.
But when it's time to celebrate, she hides. How should Sophia explain to others what her life is really like?
A bright and recognizable book in text and graphic form about how not to be like everyone else, but still want to be with others

Author Rose Lagercrantz
Publisher Crocus Publishing
Illustrator Anneli Furmark
Translator Hanna Mamchur
Age 14+
Publication year 2024
Original book title This is my life
Original language Swedish
Language Ukrainian
Illustrations Colored
Print length 112
Type of cover Hardcover
Type of paper Woodfree (offset) paper
Dimensions (mm) 170 х 240
Weight (g) 500
ISBN 978-617-7989-27-0
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