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Let's Hold Hands, Sister

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Ten-year-old sisters Vita and Zlata share their dreams with each other: they would like to go to the forest, swim in the river, lie in the grass and look at the clouds. They also want to learn some spells so that peace reigns on Earth, but magic is only in fairy tales...

This kind and caring book tells that there is something more powerful in life than spells: being close to your loved ones and holding hands with them. And if one has a funny poodle Buka, the dog will show everyone how to laugh and love! 

This book is a bright and honest reflection of children's confusion during life's most difficult experience: war. This warm play was created to a dialogue reading for the theatre. Thus the text can be read or acted out with children at home, in classes, in school theaters and theater groups.

And you can even stage a play online for relatives and friends who are not nearby.

Author Oksana Lushchevska
Publisher Crocus Publishing
Illustrator Anna Surgan
Age 9+
Publication year 2022
Language Ukrainian
Print length 32
Type of cover Paperback
Type of paper Woodfree (offset) paper
ISBN 978-617-7989-20-1
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