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Tonya Glimmerdal

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Speed and self-confidence, that’s Tonya’s motto. Nicknamed “the little thunderbolt,” she loves to spend her days racing down the hillside on her sled, singing loudly as she goes, and visiting Gunnvald, her grumpy, septuagenarian best friend and godfather, who makes hot chocolate from real chocolate bars.

She just wishes there were other children to share her hair-raising adventures with. But Tonya’s world is about to be turned upside down by two startling arrivals to the village of Glimmerdal: first a new family, then a mysterious, towering woman who everyone seems to know but Tonya.

It turns out that Gunnvald has been keeping a big secret from his goddaughter, one that will test their friendship to its limits. Tonya is not too happy about some of these upheavals in Glimmerdal — but, luckily, she has a plan to set things right.

Author Maria Parr
Publisher Crocus Publishing
Illustrator Oleksandr Shatokhin
Translator Halyna Kyrpa
Age 9+
Publication year 2020
Original book title Tonje Glimmerdal
Original language Norwegian
Language Ukrainian
Illustrations Black and white
Print length 264
Type of cover Hardcover
Type of paper Woodfree (offset) paper
Dimensions (mm) 150 х 208
Weight (g) 400
ISBN 978-966-97972-4-7
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