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Karlhen. Adventures all year round

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Favorite character of kids around the world returns with new surprises in a witty book by German writer and illustrator Rothraut Susanne Berner. A treasury full of colorful pictures, practical ideas and beautiful stories.

The Karlhen bunny is the best friend of the kids.

He learns the names of the months and learns all the delights of spring, summer, autumn and winter: moving games, delicious recipes, funny poems and the meaning of the holidays.

The bunny listens to fairy tales, learns to behave politely in kindergarten, guess riddles, do homework and a lot of other interesting things. And together with Karlhen, young readers learn these wisdoms.

Home book for every day. Stories, poems, games, recipes, ideas for creativity, gardening tips, magic tricks.

Family book for the whole year. What happens in nature in the spring? Summer games. Harvesting, mushroom picking and kite flying in autumn. Winter fun outside and at home, interesting stories. Learning to play is Karlhen's greatest pleasure: arithmetic, names of months, letters, time and interesting facts about plants and animals around us.

Author Rotraut Susanne Berner
Publisher Crocus Publishing
Illustrator Rotraut Susanne Berner
Translator Oleksandra Hryhorenko
Age 3+
Publication year 2021
Original book title KARLCHEN FÜR JEDEN TAG
Original language German
Language Ukrainian
Illustrations Colored
Print length 112
Type of cover Hardcover
Type of paper Woodfree (offset) paper
Weight (g) 510
ISBN 978-617-7989-07-2
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