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Hoverla is the tallest mountain in Ukraine. Many people climb it every year.

But what do we know about it? Where does its name come from, where from the Prut waterfall runs, why it is so important not to trample down the slopes?

The story is told by the mountain itself, lots of interesting facts and beautiful illustrations will introduce the readers to diverse world of Hoverla inhabitants and show that everything has its unique voice, even stones.

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Author Kateryna Mikhalitsyna
Publisher Crocus Publishing
Series Interesting Ukraine
Illustrator Svitlana Balukh
Age 5+
Publication year 2019
Original book title Говерла
Language Ukrainian
Illustrations Colored
Print length 24
Type of cover Paperback
Type of paper Matt art paper
Dimensions (mm) 255 х 230
Weight (g) 126
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