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Abu Karakambada. Lullaby for Michelle

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Inside this book by Hryhoriy Falkovych who is the true alive Ukrainian children literature classic you will enjoy the journey to the unique world of unexpected plots, the true music of the words, bright images and deep wisdom.

The book is two-sided, divided in two parts. The first part wakes up imagination, inspires and invites to a joyful game.

The lyrics from the second part lulls, calms down and could help dive into deep magic and sweet dreams.

The special atmosphere to this diverse and ingenious world is created with artycrafty, funny and mostly emotional illustrations done by very talented Sofia Tomilenko.

So don’t wait and start your journey through stunning steps “Abukarakambada” to re-discover something new, interesting, and useful!

Author Hryhorii Falkovych
Publisher Crocus Publishing
Illustrator Sofiia Tomilenko
Age 5+
Publication year 2022
Language Ukrainian
Illustrations Colored
Print length 60
Type of cover Hardcover
Type of paper Woodfree (offset) paper
Dimensions (mm) 215 х 230
Weight (g) 390
ISBN 978-617-7989-18-8
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